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Charek Monastery, Azerbaijan, Northern Artsakh, Getabek, Getabek, 17 century 


Sourb Astvatzatzin Church, 17 century

   Inscription, “...engraved in the form of a cross” near a yerdik-shaped window:, 1617 year
   Inscription, Engraved “ a circular form...” on an anchor-shaped stone lying on the part of the roof covering the bema: , 1621 year

Cradle-shaped Grave-Stone, 1826 year

    Inscription, Incised into a gravestone:, 1826 year

Gavit, 1684 year

   Inscription, Incised into the entrance tympanum of the gavit:, 1684 year
   Inscription, 4 lines in the Armenian original engraved on the lower part of a cross-stone set a little below the western pediment of the gavit:, 1684 year
   Inscription, Incised above the tympanum of the southern entrance of the gavit:
   Inscription, Engraved below a cross relief above the tympanum of a small door opening near the north-western corner of the gavit:, 1684 year
   Inscription, A cryptogram engraved on the western facade of the gavit:, 17 century

Cradle-shaped Grave-Stone, 1746 year

    Inscription, Carved on a tombstone lying in the gavit:, 1746 year

Belfry, 1659 year

   Inscription, 7 lines in the Armenian original carved on three finely-dressed stones set above the belfry entrance opening from the western facade:, 1659 year

Khachkar, 12 century

    Inscription, Incised “into one of the three small cross-stones encircling the southern window of the belfry”:, 17 century





Monastic Cells, 19 century


Harants Chapel, 1667 year

   Inscription, Incised inwardly into the “eastern” wall of Harants Chapel:, 1667 year

Khachkar, 1740 year

    Inscription, 3 lines in the Armenian original engraved on the cornice and lower part of a displaced cross-stone:, 1740 year



Cradle-shaped Grave-Stone, 1674 year

   Inscription, 5 lines in the Armenian original incised into the finely-cut face of a rectangular grave-stone:, 1674 year

Cradle-shaped Grave-Stone, 1643 year

   Inscription, Engraved on a gravestone “lying opposite the main apse of the church, outside it: probably, once a chapel stood over it by some ancient custom, but now it was reduced to ruins and buried in the earth. Removing the gravestone, we saw a pair of others, only one of which bore an epitaph”:, 1643 year


   Inscription, “...carved on a small khachkar”:


   Inscription, Engraved on another cross-stone:


   Inscription, “Incised into a khachkar outwardly set in the southern wall”:

Gates, 1717 year

   Inscription, Engraved on the gate opening in the south of the monastic enclosure:, 1717 year




Charektar Monastery, NKR, Martakert, Charektar 
The Quarter of the Estate in the Karabakh dialect


Rectangular Grave-Stone

   Inscription, We found and restored the upper fragment of the first tombstone which contained most of its four-line inscription reading:

Rectangular Grave-Stone

   Inscription, The other tombstone is engraved with a 7-line inscription:

Rectangular Grave-Stone

   Inscription, The excavations also unearthed other displaced grave-stones one of which was broken to several pieces. We were able to find only two of its fragments, one of which had been used as a fust for the wooden pillar of the cow-house. The other part of the four-line inscription was on the fragment (or fragments) missing from the upper left corner of the grave-stone.

Khachkar, 1240 year

   Inscription, Its back part bears an inscription of 12 lines: , 1240 year

Khachkar, 1290 year

   Inscription, The following lines are carved on both sides of the upper cross wing and on its narrow southern side (on the whole, at least 9 lines): , 1290 year


   Inscription, The upper part of a small cross-stone, found from the midst of the same ruins, bears the beginning (5 lines) of a multi-line inscription carved on its northern narrow side:


   Inscription, Six lines are engraved on the lower part of a small cross-stone:

Khachkar, 1208 year

   Inscription, Engraved on the back part of a cross-stone fragment: , 1208 year


   Inscription, A finely-finished piece of marble which once served as a revetment stone bears 5 lines:

Khachkar, 1002 year

   Inscription, Only the initial 5 lines of an inscription are preserved on the lower left part of a cross-stone fragment: , 1002 year


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